Life With OCD, I See The Beauty Of The World


What is the image of OCD people in your mind? A psychological patient? A crazy organiser or a neat freak? All the answers could be true. But you may forget that people with OCD are also ordinary ones who have tried to live a life, met people, as well as experienced this amazing world.

At least, I do. I would like to see this world slightly different from yours via my lens of OCD, and I am willing to share it with you. All the photos in the video are taken by me. Hope you can enjoy it!

OCD Spawns Creativity: Stefan Bucher’s TEDxTalk

Someone says it is a curse and a gift to have OCD in life. Having experienced such life since I was born, I quite agree with it and have been looking for the gift-side in every day’s circumstances. As I have said in my previous post, people with OCD often show high creativity, imagination and unique aesthetic views. Just look throughout the history, and you will find a gallery of incredibly creative people who all suffered from OCD.


It is, somehow, a relief for me, and maybe a hundreds of OCD patients. Since when do not know, I took my OCD and started to turn it into something empowering for myself. The need for order, the feelings of being right, could contribute to a more crucial part of life. Just as Stefan Bucher, the father of Daily Monster, a great designer, author and illustrator, said, “I feel the need, and I am lucky enough to have a career that lets me act on that need whenever it strikes.”

Stefan Bucher describes himself the same way he defines the monsters he draws. “Neurotic, somewhat befuddled, occasionally exasperated, but generally friendly.” From his talented works, you could see how the importance of details makes everything different.

For his TEDxTalk in 2011, titled Watch Your Head: Tales from the OCD Frontier, Bucher tells how he funnels his compulsion for order and perfection into a successful career as a designer and illustrator. Believe me, it is worth a check.



OCD Positive, Travel Light


Ever thought how an OCD person travel with anxiety of disrupting all the OCD routines? I sometimes feel encumbered with packing my suitcase since I have been obsessive about organising stuffs within reach. Having been diagnosed with OCD, Kim Dixon Perez, a freelancer from Southern California, suggests us to live free and travel light. She believes that the lighter she travels the more liberated she feels, as long as her Chapstick and water bottle are within reach.

As an OCD person, Perez is a checker in her daily life, but when talking about travel, she has adopted a new obsession over these years: travel gear. To be free from compulsive organising as well as enjoy an efficient travel, she started to travel as light as possible. It is definitely a challenge but it is fun too.

I would like to share her blog with you as it not only concerns the demands of OCD people but covers amazing ideas about a fresh lifestyle.


[Photo taken by me]


The Smartest Guy In TBBT: Sheldon’s Compulsive Closure Therapy!

“Penny! Penny! Penny!” If you are a huge fan of American TV series, you must know where the quotation comes from and who says it.

Sheldon Cooper, the smartest and weirdest guy in the Big Bang Theory, has been described as a person with plenty of OCD’s signs such as sitting the same seat on his couch and having a bowel movement at 8:20 a.m. each morning without fail. In the S06E21, Sheldon has been find having obsession to complete everything, and Amy tries to help him with his compulsive needs for closure, which actually brings out the biggest laughs from fans.

Check out this video, and don’t you think Sheldon’s adorable? Besides, it could be a good thing for procrastinators to be obsessive about completing tasks, I guess.

Life Needs To Be Organised, Doesn’t It?

The world is fantastic from this angle, isn’t it?

As you can see from these photos, I am obsessive about organising things and sensitive in space order. You could say it is one of my OCD symptoms, but I am more willing to say it as creating beauties. I record my life with my phone and I see the world through my lens.

I just can’t help to be organised.

The Girl I Admire, The Beauty Of OCD

Everybody knows that having OCD is suffering. It could waste your time and energy in useless things and finally make you feel sick. Thus, many therapists have tried so hard to help people get rid of OCD by any means. I am not saying that we should not seek help from professionals to deal with OCD and its annoying symptoms; I am just asking have you ever thought that one could live with OCD and have a better life?

Sure, it is possible. As I always said, OCD is a sweet suffering. It could be a gift if you express your OCD feeling in an appropriate way, such as drawing. OCD people are usually more sensitive than others partly because they pay more attention to the surroundings. Putting books in the right position, organising wardrobe in the right order, everything must be right as I feel it right. Our perception of the world is particularly aesthetic; generally speaking, OCD people have a strong sense of beauty.

Cassia is the kind of girl. Saying on her Facebook, she simply likes drawing dots, which makes her feel pleased and complete as if by doing so she could have an increasing happiness. I knew her from the House News and was attracted and touched immediately. Her paintings are beautiful, stunning and remind me of KusamaYayoi, an influential and successful Japanese artist. Her articles are quite inspiring as well.

After all, life deserves to be beautiful with or without OCD. Don’t you agree?







Dix: Is There Any Real Cure For OCD?


Dix is a darkly comic short film showing the complexities of psychological and obsessive-compulsive behaviour, featuring a man called Marc. Marc needs the paving stones on which he walks to move, for fear of stepping on the lines. In order to get over his phobia, he follows a treatment to confront the inner fears which lie behind his obsessive-compulsive disorder. The work is a mixture of live action and CG.

Dix is part of The Mill’s ongoing initiative to produce in-house short films and continuing commitment to develop talent within their growing animation team. In 2008, Dix has won the prestigious Jury Award at the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival.

It is a quite cult film and it might be the first time that OCD has been shown on screen in such a gory manner. However, it is indeed an inspiring and touching film for people suffering from OCD right now.

10 Little Things About My OCD


I have obsessive-compulsive disorder and I have known it several years ago. If you search online, you are very likely to find there has been much written about OCD and its symptoms. If you think OCD is just something about washing hands, then maybe you can take a look at this. Here is my version of OCD.

1. Change the file names into a same format whenever I download files.

2. Straighten all the square things including books, papers and tissue boxes when they lay on the table.

3. Check several times after I add a new note on my schedule.

4. Adjust volume levels until I get certain numbers displayed on screen.

5. Spend one hour doing PowerPoint and a half hour unifying the format of all the slides.

6. Correct all the punctuation marks that are misused when I repost others’ post on Weibo.

7. Keep all the hand-outs in chronological order in my binder.

8. Never leave ‘unread’ emails in the inbox.

9. Never dog-ear pages of my books.

10. Do not trust ‘I love you’ through SMS. Love is a face-to-face thing, isn’t it?

Happy Valentine’s Day.


[Pics via internet]