10 Little Things About My OCD


I have obsessive-compulsive disorder and I have known it several years ago. If you search online, you are very likely to find there has been much written about OCD and its symptoms. If you think OCD is just something about washing hands, then maybe you can take a look at this. Here is my version of OCD.

1. Change the file names into a same format whenever I download files.

2. Straighten all the square things including books, papers and tissue boxes when they lay on the table.

3. Check several times after I add a new note on my schedule.

4. Adjust volume levels until I get certain numbers displayed on screen.

5. Spend one hour doing PowerPoint and a half hour unifying the format of all the slides.

6. Correct all the punctuation marks that are misused when I repost others’ post on Weibo.

7. Keep all the hand-outs in chronological order in my binder.

8. Never leave ‘unread’ emails in the inbox.

9. Never dog-ear pages of my books.

10. Do not trust ‘I love you’ through SMS. Love is a face-to-face thing, isn’t it?

Happy Valentine’s Day.


[Pics via internet]