OCD Positive, Travel Light


Ever thought how an OCD person travel with anxiety of disrupting all the OCD routines? I sometimes feel encumbered with packing my suitcase since I have been obsessive about organising stuffs within reach. Having been diagnosed with OCD, Kim Dixon Perez, a freelancer from Southern California, suggests us to live free and travel light. She believes that the lighter she travels the more liberated she feels, as long as her Chapstick and water bottle are within reach.

As an OCD person, Perez is a checker in her daily life, but when talking about travel, she has adopted a new obsession over these years: travel gear. To be free from compulsive organising as well as enjoy an efficient travel, she started to travel as light as possible. It is definitely a challenge but it is fun too.

I would like to share her blog with you as it not only concerns the demands of OCD people but covers amazing ideas about a fresh lifestyle.


[Photo taken by me]

source: http://ocdtravel.com/