The Smartest Guy In TBBT: Sheldon’s Compulsive Closure Therapy!

“Penny! Penny! Penny!” If you are a huge fan of American TV series, you must know where the quotation comes from and who says it.

Sheldon Cooper, the smartest and weirdest guy in the Big Bang Theory, has been described as a person with plenty of OCD’s signs such as sitting the same seat on his couch and having a bowel movement at 8:20 a.m. each morning without fail. In the S06E21, Sheldon has been find having obsession to complete everything, and Amy tries to help him with his compulsive needs for closure, which actually brings out the biggest laughs from fans.

Check out this video, and don’t you think Sheldon’s adorable? Besides, it could be a good thing for procrastinators to be obsessive about completing tasks, I guess.