OCD Spawns Creativity: Stefan Bucher’s TEDxTalk

Someone says it is a curse and a gift to have OCD in life. Having experienced such life since I was born, I quite agree with it and have been looking for the gift-side in every day’s circumstances. As I have said in my previous post, people with OCD often show high creativity, imagination and unique aesthetic views. Just look throughout the history, and you will find a gallery of incredibly creative people who all suffered from OCD.


It is, somehow, a relief for me, and maybe a hundreds of OCD patients. Since when do not know, I took my OCD and started to turn it into something empowering for myself. The need for order, the feelings of being right, could contribute to a more crucial part of life. Just as Stefan Bucher, the father of Daily Monster, a great designer, author and illustrator, said, “I feel the need, and I am lucky enough to have a career that lets me act on that need whenever it strikes.”

Stefan Bucher describes himself the same way he defines the monsters he draws. “Neurotic, somewhat befuddled, occasionally exasperated, but generally friendly.” From his talented works, you could see how the importance of details makes everything different.

For his TEDxTalk in 2011, titled Watch Your Head: Tales from the OCD Frontier, Bucher tells how he funnels his compulsion for order and perfection into a successful career as a designer and illustrator. Believe me, it is worth a check.